Plum Mobile

Plum Mobile is a cell phone company that creates their own brand of handsets, tablets, and accessories. Based in Miami, Fl, Plum Mobile has sold over millions of cellular devices worldwide.

I started working at Plum Mobile in 2014 as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. They had recently expanded their market to the United States and needed someone in-house to redesign their website and create digital media for their products, including email blast, social media content, marketing material, packaging designs, and more.

When I arrived at Plum Mobile, I noticed some inconsitencies with their branding, such as irregular use of their logo, email blasts that did not follow any particular format, and packaging design that was not properly branded, so I made it my top priority to enforce a consistent branding throughout all of their content.

Website Redesign

Their website was initially built with the Drupral CMS using a custom theme that was hard to manage or make changes to without contacting the original web development team that was located overseas. I decided to build their new site using Wordpress due to its easy-to-use CMS and growing popularity amongst web developers so that anyone in the future could update the site as needed.

The goal of the website was to be a showcase of their products. Since most of their products shared very similar specifications, the main distinguishing factors (besides price) was their design so we placed an emphasis on imagery.

I customized a parallax based theme to create splash pages for their featured products, and used WooCommerce to build a products catalog with details pages containing all the specifications and additional information available. Plum Mobile operated as wholesalers using a B2B model so we didn't actually make sales on the site, but instead directed any consumers to Amazon. I also managed all of the Amazon listings to ensure consistency of images and specifications with the website to help reinforce the brand.

Plum Mobile Homepage

3D Models and Renders

One of the main obstacles I faced while working at Plum Mobile was the lack of interesting and high quality resources. All of the old models had a limited selection of low resolution images that were provided by the factory in China. A professional photographer was hired to take high resolution photographs of some of the newer models, but he would only provide about 6-10 images of the device from different angles. For every model that he shot, he would provide the same angles which limited how creative I could be with my designs considering there were over 20 models. The combination of some low quality and high quality images created a visual inconsistencies throughout the website and other marketing material which did not help with creating a strong brand authority.

In order to have more control over the quality and variance of the products, I decided to create 3D Models of all the current devices using Cinema 4D. This gave me the option of having an infinite amount of angles to choose from and the ability to maintain a high resolution quality of all of the assets. This was a big project but the results were definitely worth it and strengthened the brand authority significantly.

Plum Z513 Might LTE Factory Image
Plum Might LTE 3D Model Wireframe Overview in Cinema 4D
Plum Might LTE 3D Model with Shading Overview in Cinema 4D
Plum Might LTE 3D Model Perspective View Wireframe in Cinema 4D
Plum Might LTE 3D Model Perspective View with Shading in Cinema 4D
Plum Might LTE 3D Model Perspective View Render
Plum Might LTE 3D Model Render 2
Plum Might LTE 3D Model Render 3
Plum Might LTE 3D Model Render 4
Plum Might LTE 3D Model Render 5
Plum Smartphones 3D Models Render

Digital and Print Media

Another one of my responsibilities at Plum Mobile was to create digital content for use on the web, along with some print media for promotional material and magazine advertisements. I created many social media ads to promote our product line through all of our social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Besides social media ads, I was tasked to create custom HTML e-mail blast of our products that would be sent to an exclusive list of our current and potential clients through MailChimp. I also created several magazine ads for different industry based magazines such as Wireless Dealer Magazine, Comprar Magazine, and InfoGuia Magazine. But that's not all. I made posters, store front decals, convention booth designs, and whatever other kinds of media, digital or printed, that was needed.

Plum Mobile Social Media 1
Plum Mobile Social Media 2
Plum Mobile Social Media 3
Plum Mobile Social Media 4
Plum Mobile Social Media 5
Plum Mobile Social Media 6
Plum Mobile Social Media 7
Plum Mobile Social Media 8
Plum Mobile Social Media 9
Plum Mobile Social Media 10
Plum Mobile Social Media 11
Plum Mobile Social Media 12
Plum Mobile Social Media 13
Plum Mobile Social Media 14
Plum Mobile Social Media 15
Plum Mobile Social Media 16
Plum Mobile Gator Plus 2 Poster
Plum Mobile Might LTE Poster
Plum Mobile Boot 2 E-mail
Plum Mobile Optimax 10 E-mail
Plum Mobile Star E-mail
Plum Mobile InforGuia Magazine Ad 1
Plum Mobile InforGuia Magazine Ad 2
Plum Mobile Comprar Magazine Ad
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