Miami XL Web Series

Miami XL is an “AlterLatina” web series chronicling the life of two single young Latinas living in Miami. It is a ridiculous series of webshorts about two locas with no chill, clinging on to the Magic City and each other. For about a year and a half, creators Ximena Aliaguilla and Lourdes Duarte wrote, shot, and edited the entire series.

Logo Design

When I met the Co-Creator Ximena Aliaguilla and she told me about the web series she was creating with her friend Lourdes all about Miami life, I was very intrigued and knew that I wanted to be a part of it. So when she asked me to create a logo for the show, I jumped at the idea to be involved with a piece of true Miami culture. Since the show was created to showcase the real Miami through the eyes of the locals, I knew that this logo had to truly represents the city.

So I pondered what things best represented Miami, the people, and its culture. And when anyone thinks of Miami, one of the first things they think about is its beautiful sandy beaches. Miami's beaches are the cities biggest attraction, along with great weather, a vibrant nightlife, diverse cultures, and exotic foods. It is also know for its historic Art Deco buildings, bright pastel colors, and a booming art scene. So I decided to start exploring with all these ideas to find the best harmony that reflects the real essence of Miami.

Miami XL Logo Font Selection
Miami XL Logo Idea 1
Miami XL Logo Idea 2
Miami XL Logo Idea 3
Miami XL Logo Idea 4
Miami XL Logo Designs 1
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Miami XL Logo
Miami XL Logo
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