Beanstalk is a global brand extension licensing agency. They help leading brands, celebrities, media properties, manufacturers and retailers strengthen their relationships with consumers by creating breakthrough products via the licensing model.

I started working at Beanstalk in 2016 as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. They needed to redesign their website, create e-mail blast, and do logo design for a new brand extension project with the City of Miami Beach.

Website Redesign

Beanstalk was looking for a new, fresh look to their outdated website. Through SquareSpace, I created a customized responsive theme that embodied the true vision of the company and what they do. Using a full page layout, high resolution stock photograph, and a lot of custom HTML and CSS, I was able to take their web presence into the future and made it more appealing and accessible to their audience.

Old Beanstalk Homepage
Old Beanstalk Website
Redesigned Beanstalk Homepage
ReDesigned Beanstalk Website

E-Mail Blast

Beanstalk had recently created a new creative services division called Studio B to offer their clients an in-house solution to developing ideas for extending their brands. They wanted to announce their new division with a unique, interesting, and informative E-mail Blast to send out to their client list of over 3,000 contacts. I designed and built them a custom HTML E-Mail blast that would work on any E-mail client. They used MailChimp to distribute the E-mail blast so that they could manage their big list of contacts and track the statistics, including open rate, bounce rate, and unsubscribers.

Studio B at Beanstalk E-mail Blast
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